About Our Shelter

WINGS provides a second-stage, long-term shelter to meet the needs of the residents.

What is a second-stage women’s shelter?

Second-stage women’s shelters provide safe, transitional housing with client-centered supportive programs in order to give the necessary time to begin healing from the physical and emotional wounds of an abusive relationship.

The WINGS shelter is conveniently located close to schools and other essential services:

  • 24 hour security for safety and security of our resident families.
  • 20 self-contained, two and three bedroom apartments, all attractively fully-furnished with bed linens, kitchen utensils, dishes, and many other household items.
  • Donations of food, clothing, household items are distributed between all residents.
  • Entire building is wheelchair accessible.
  • Outdoor playground on the property.

Women are provided what they need to grow stronger at WINGS

Throughout a client’s six month residency at WINGS, they participate in wrap-around services in addition to group and individual counseling.

Topics discussed in group sessions help to foster parenting and life skills, as well as help mothers understand and better cope with the effects of family violence. These programs assist the family in working towards independence.

Key features of the WINGS shelter include:

  • Child Care Program for preschool children aged three months to five years old while women participate in group and individual supportive counseling sessions.
  • Counseling for children and teens to help them deal with the physical, psychological and behavioural challenges that result from having lived with family violence.
  • Youth programming to discuss life skills topics.
  • Opportunities for children to participate in recreational activities.
  • An Outreach Program to assist families moving from WINGS.
  • A collective kitchen to learn nutritional, cost-effective meal planning.

Please note, accommodation is offered with WINGS subsidizing rent and utilities following Alberta Works financial benefits guidelines. There is no fee for these programs.

Facts About Family Violence

67% of Canadians say they personally know at least one woman who has been physically or sexually assaulted.

(Angus Reid Omnibus Survey, Canadian Women’s Foundation, 2012.)

Violence against women happens in all cultures and religions, in all ethnic and racial communities, at every age, and in every income group.

Women's Voices

For nearly 10 years I have dealt with an abusive cycle: being with the father of my children. I had exhausted all my options trying to leave on several occasions. Knowing what abuses were to come, it was clear I had to find another way out. I swallowed my pride and went to a women’s shelter. This was where I heard of WINGS.

At first I did not apply since I was determined to do it on my own. However a single mother with three children on income support cannot find housing at reasonable costs. With only a few days left at the women’s shelter, I applied for WINGS.

Now I have an apartment of my own and my children are safe. Having people there to help me through this transition has been most reassuring. My counsellor has been there to help me while I attain proper paperwork to help keep myself, as well as my children, safe. Breaking an abusive cycle alone has never worked out for me. Now I am more confident that I can finally be free this time.

Without WINGS I had nowhere safe to and probably would have ended back living with my children’s father. Without my counsellors support I would have never applied for an Emergency Protective Order which was something I should have done long a. I am excited to get my children back in a routine with a proper lifestyle. They deserve it.