Who We Are

WINGS - Women In Need Growing Stronger

WINGS offers a second-stage shelter and affordable housing for women with children who have experienced family violence.

At WINGS, we address the social, psychological, and health issues affecting women and children, extending our programs inclusively to clients of all races, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

We are proud to be part of a continuum of support to women and children leaving family violence. Together, through ongoing collaboration with the family violence prevention sector, we aim to reduce and eliminate family violence.

WINGS is a non-profit organization.
CRA # – 119 300 549 RR0 001

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive transitional programs and independent living in a safe, secure, supportive, and healthy environment for women with children who have experienced family violence.

Our Vision

Women and children are empowered to live safe and independent lives within a supportive community that has zero tolerance for family violence.

Board of Directors

Cathy Jo Kickham - President
Tami Wetmore - Vice President
Mika Friesen - Treasurer
Jonathan Kitteringham - Secretary
Hannah Barrington
Linda Churchill
Katie Clackson
Nicholas Leong
Glenn Quinn
Sister Margarete St. John
Mark Thibeault
Dr. Moira Walker
Heidi Watson
Dr. Cynthia Zutter

Women's Voices

Daily groups help with not feeling like you are the only idiot who fell for a partner’s lies.

Weekly counselling helps with finding ways to get over the blame, shame, guilt and anger, and start healthier habits.

Bread donations help with weekly grocery budget. Clothing donations also help with the budget.

WINGS is needed in this province. Our children deserve to see their mothers safe. Our children will take over this world eventually, isn''t it better to fill their eyes with hopes and dreams than fear and despair? Do it for the kids!